top tips make successful mobile app part 2

top tips make successful mobile app part 2

I have talked before about the top tips to make a successful app in part 1. Now I want to continue my topic with the last part

1-Don’t Disregard the Development Budget:

All designs will have to go through a developer in order to bring those designs to life. Sometimes very simple design changes can cause the feature that should take few hours to take few days. Be wary of over-defining functionality in the design. In other words, the design should not dictate the functionality.

2-Start with high resolutions:

You should start designing the application for retina and high resolutions screen first then scale down.

3-Make the hit area big enough:

Users love to move quickly in the Apps so don’t annoy them with tiny buttons to tap. Most users’ index fingers are 1.6 to 2 cm wide so consider this fact and make all hit areas big enough.

4-Avoid adding Intro animations:

Sure you think that using animations when the app starts is very cool and funny but in fact it doesn’t. Users don’t like to wait till you finish your animations so they can access you app. If you have to add one, please make it quick and with seamless transition.

5-Invest in good UI:

Competition in the App Store is absolutely insane; you’re now competing with huge companies and world class teams.
It’s very hard for one-man development to get featured on the iOS App Store these days, but my advice is to reach out and hire the most talented UI designer you can afford.
If you don’t have the funds to hire someone, then Dribbble is a great place to find new and upcoming designers who might be happy to team up with you.

6-Get Media Coverage:

This is pretty tough to do but is absolutely essential for a successful launch. I know all aware of that but many developers leave it to the last minute or plan to do it after releasing their app.

You can try to build some hype to attract bloggers and tech sites talking about your app before it launches. I’d suggest putting up a teaser page that includes a promo video or some screenshots and information about what your app does and when you plan to release it.
You have to provide an email sign-up form and all the usual social buttons on the page to help you build up a following of people interested in the app. At announcement you will reach a lot of people

7-Create website for your app:

Building website for your app will help you in marketing and will bring many potential customers. Also you have to provide Info about how and why to use the app and show your app’s advantages.

8-Design an eye-catching icon:

The first thing the users notice is your icon so, it has to be unique, special and tells everything about your app. Keep away of words, just use images.

9-Rating and Reviews:

What will you do when you are going to buy an app from the store? For sure you will check the reviews and its rating. Rating and reviews are like your app reputation so you have to care about them. Think of ways to how make your users give you 5-star reviews?

10-Use gestures but don’t abuse them:

Gestures will help users to move quickly in app; also most of users like them. But do you think all users know the gestures that you provide? In other words: in the Gmail mobile app, you can swipe the mail to delete it and in the same time you can open menu of the mail and click delete.
I want to say Don’t overly reliant on them.
Another example: many apps use the left menu like Facebook app. Most of them provide swipe to right or left to open or close it. In the same time, there is a button in the top view to open or close it. Therefore people who don’t know or don’t like the gestures can work easily with your app

By these tips, I have finished my topic of “Tips to make a successful app”. These tips are only that I know or I collected them. If do you think there are tips that I don’t mention, please add them in comments in this post to share the experience.
Thanks you

Written byHossam Ghareeb Aug 2013

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