top tips make successful mobile app part 1

top tips make successful mobile app part 1

Today, millions of people around the world have smart phones/devices like IPhones, I Pads, Android tablets and so on. Thus, Mobile App Development becomes one of the fastest growing areas in software development today.
So, before start working in your mobile app, there are some tips you should follow to achieve your goal and compete the existing apps.


To make successful app you have to original. Here I mean the uniqueness of its concept, so you have to convert the idea to a particular app. But most of us will tell me that “Nowadays you can’t get an original Idea, all ideas in the store”. Sure they are right and I will tell him to go to plan B. Plan B is to work in an existing app and analyze it to extract its weakness points and areas that need improvement and work on them. Also add your unique features 😀
2-End users

Before working in your idea, please take some time to think in this app as an end-user not as a developer. Ask yourself a question, Is this app solves a problem? . So your application should solve a problem and your role to define this problem and make sure that your application is solving it, and solving it perfectly.

3-Target audience

You have to define your target audience and make sure that they will not only like it, but adore it. Also make sure that you have added factors to the app that will attract them and grab their attention.

4-Do only one thing, and do it perfectly

It is not necessary to add 2 or more ideas in one application. Doing one idea perfectly and spend 100% effort on it is better 100 times of doing more ideas in same time. I noticed that Facebook applied this concept in its app on Google play or App store. It splits the part of chatting with friends in another app ‘Facebook Messenger’ and made the original app for posting, profile, commenting and so on. Thus, the 2 apps work perfectly and each one has its own functionality.

5-Avoid overloading app with features

Filling your app with features doesn’t mean being a better app. Adding many features will never makes your end users happy but it will confuse them and will make your app very hard to use. End users love simple, fast, easy and responsive apps so take care only with major and required features only.
6-No one will use the app the same way you do

Usability is a must. Your app should be useable to all; you can organize a closed beta version of the application to a group to trusted people. Also you can show a pre-release version of the application to some students and collect their feedbacks.

7-Be Universal

You should plan to make your app available on Google play and on App store. Also it should support all different screen sizes. For example, in app store your application should be available on iPhone, iPad and iPods.

Hope these tips will help you. Thanks and see you in Part 2 soon.

Written byHossam Ghareeb Apr 2013

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