tips publishing marketing mobile app

tips publishing marketing mobile app

In this article I am going to present some tips for publishing and marketing your mobile app in App Store

1- Create a Landing Page on your website

The benefits of creating a landing page for the product on your website before even publishing your app

  • Creating a mailing list, where you can ask the page visitors for their mail address so you can send them emails when the app is published, and so you can easily create a list of potential clients in the future
  • Can show a demo for your app and the graphics inside and ask page visitors for a feedback and that will get visitors to interact with your website more

2- Social Advertising

Using social media like Facebook can help increase the visibility of your app by directing customers to your app download or landing page and so we help you get more download and also there is a major benefit for using Facebook specially in advertising is that you can specify the segment you want to target exactly form you Ad campaign.

3- Get Your app reviewed

Try to get your app reviewed and offer free promo codes for those who would like to review the app as well, don’t pay for any website to get your app reviewed because sites asking for money to review your app means these website aren’t getting any visitors so don’t waste your money on such website
Also try to get your app mentioned in an article by a site like Mashable or TechCrunch, not only will you app get more downloads but it will get more reviews from other websites as well.

4- Have online leader-board and achievements

Using Game center inside your app can help your app downloads form the buzz created around the app, it will help you get more friend-to-­friend referrals and your leader-board will be listed on the leader-board’s new app list, which can also drive sales.

These are the main points that you should never forget while publishing your app. I will try to add more points in the next article isa

Written byAhmed Taha, Jun 2013

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