tips publishing marketing mobile app part 2

tips publishing marketing mobile app part 2

This post is the second and final in the  Tips for publishing and marketing your Mobile App series , Hope you enjoy reading it and fell free to share any of your comments.

Social Media

You should link your app/game with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and encourage users to share features of the app / game online with their friends. You can encourage users of the app / game to share it with their friends if you unlock some features for them after sharing. For example in normal apps, you can disable the Ads per session if the user make a sharing through Facebook or Twitter, while in a game you can give them coins, bonus if the use the social media sharing features.

You should also create a Facebook page for your app and try to engage users of the app to like this page. Regularly send some updates on this Facebook page and read (listen) to their comments and try to open discussion between the users of your app on this page.

Public relationship

One of the main points that can get your app from tens of downloads per day to hundreds per day is public relationship; try to get your app covered in some press. If you have some money try to hire a PR agency., Appency and Appular are some of the popular mobile app marketing agencies that you can hire to increase your app visibility and gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the apps on the App store.

Another way to increase your app visibility is to get your app endorsed with a celebrity, someone with a lot of followers/fans/friends. That can definitely increase your app download rate and give it more credit.

QR Codes

Surprised to hear about that in marketing your app? :D, then check out the below image

Well, if you are going to use printed Ads in magazines or banner, make sure to add the app link in the App store as a QR-code in your Ads, that can help user reach to your app easier.

Guest Blogging

Try to get your app reviewed, mentioned, described on some of the famous blogs but try to focus your efforts on this type of blogs

  • Blogs with target audience similar to your app.
  • Mobile app blogs.
  • Technology blogs.

Also make sure to include an offer at the end of the article. For example you can offer a trail version of your app, provide a certain premiere feature of your app for a limited period. Anything that will encourage the reader to download your app is a must, so remember call-to-action words, some like “Download the app now”, “Check App for Free”.

Finally, I know I didn’t cover all the points that can help you market your mobile app in the 2 parts of this series, so I was hoping to know your ideas about marketing your own app, any crazy idea that you once thought about that is not used usually in most apps.

Thanks 😀
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