technological trends

technological trends

I would like first to state the date, I wrote this article, Sep-2013, because it is probably going to be out of date in like 6 months 🙂

This essay is going to be divided into 3 main parts, first to describe how technological trends change the relation between organizations and their consumers, second I am going to describe some of the main technological advances that we expect to see in the near future, and finally I am going to describe a certain technological trend that’s going to have a great impact on the fashion business.

Technological trends are now shaping the relation between every organization and its suppliers, partners and customers. Thanks to technology (Internet and social media) customers are shaping their own products, starting from designing their own cloth which helps fashion companies, reporting news to online news channels and making Ads for their products through competitions by organizations looking for the best Ad idea. That’s why the process of developing new products is now going faster and cheaper than before, now customers are guiding organization to know what satisfy their needs.

Future is happening now while  reading this essay,  it is being developed in the background of your life and it is going to hit you soon, so get ready for some of this new technologies.

  1. Ditch your Desktop PC right now, you still have a chance to get rid of it and get some money in return, else in the near future you will be paying money to throw it in the garbage, this market is vanishing right now and being substituted by tablets and touch devices.
  2. Get ready to get your life “bendy”, soon your mobile, tablet, TV, may be your car is going to be bendable. You might speculate who is going to lead this market whether it is Apple, Samsung, Google or some other company that you haven’t heard about it yet, but it is going to happen soon.
  3. You can run but you can’t hide, meaning you can no longer be anonymous on the internet, even if you are not going to write anything, still your phone, TV, tablet, watch, camera, fridge, car, everything you own will connect to the internet and your data is going to be online whether you like it or not. So there is no private life anymore L.

One of the new technological trends that is going to affect a lot of business sectors is Augmented Reality. The bridge between real world and digital world no longer exists, now the movement of human body, gestures, voice command, even lips movement are all captured, digitized and sent for devices to react according to it, fashion and clothing businesses are going to be majorly affected by such advance in technology. Now customers in clothing stores can try tens of outfits in just a couple of minutes.

Not only the clothing industry will be affected by such technology but also the game industry, Microsoft is planning in its next kinect version release to go more beyond user movement and gestures to reading user lips and facial expressions, voice commands, They are even trying to figure out current mood and make him a brain scan. Kinect is not for gaming industry only but it can be used to deliver a live augmented reality presentation, so it is not just you on the TV but a whole digital world is backing you up in your presentation.

Written byAhmed Taha, Oct 2013

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