successful peoples common factor

successful peoples common factor

Successful people are a very small set of human beings, I will leave it to you to define who is a successful people  – please don’t confuse them with normal people – and I am sure whatever your definition is, you will agree that such set is very small, A lot of researches have been done to identify what is the common factor between these people. In this article, I am not going to add another research; I am just going to highlight a certain one that I have recently read.

Some might argue that such common factor is hard working, but naah, that’s not it, you must have seen a lot of people that worked hard and at the end of the day, they are normal people, they are not failures and they are not successful as well. They are just normal, hard working is a requirement but it is not the main idea.

So what is the main idea, I won’t make you wait long, so here it is …….. Are you ready 😀 ,  “Successful People do what failures don’t like to do” that’s it , that’s the whole deal, but please notice that I didn’t say, “Successful people like to do what failures don’t like to do” because they actually don’t like it , they just do it. So what are the things that failures don’t like to do? mmm… it is all the things that we all don’t like to do. It is our nature to escape having a deadline and committing to it, it is our nature to dodge tests, it is our nature to hate to face all life challenges everyday for the rest of our life, we enjoy being lazy, irresponsible, and careless, don’t you??

So why these monkeys “Successful people” do what failures don’t like doing?? What is the engine behind them? What keeps them bashing into walls everyday, trying to change things around them and make a difference? Well, they enjoy that feeling after committing to a deadline, they like the feeling when they get an A in an exam, they love going to bed at the end of the day thinking “I have made a change today”, to get a formal answer, they are influenced by the desire of the result and not by the desire of the methods (just doing it the easy way and get ride of it). Most people usually try to look for an easy ways to get a certain job done and then they make themselves accept the non perfect results because and I quote “it is easier to adjust to the hardships of a poor living than it is to adjust ourselves to the hardships of making a better one“.

Many people like to think that having a family and children will motivate them to have a better life but it doesn’t work like that, because such motive will probably make them work more but still they didn’t change from inside, they still don’t enjoy that feeling after committing successfully to a deadline, they would rather deliver a low quality work with less effort than to work harder to deliver a higher quality work.

You must have an inner motive pushing you forward, pushing you only for having a better live and being successful, and not just someone or some commitment that you are obligated to. So what should I do now? :), Well, You need to rethink your habits, what you do always / everyday? Evaluate it; is it a habit that will result in a better person after a couple of years? I should have talked more about changing your habits but I guess I will end it right here, I may talk about it in my next article…..

Finally I would like to end my article with this video

Written byAhmed Taha, April 2013

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