Polar Scout

Polar Scout

Polar Scouts – Help Seals Protect Their Families and Save the Earth from Global Warming

Ice is melting worldwide, especially at the Earth’s poles, the rise in sea level has accelerated over the last century, and foxes and alpine plants have moved further north to higher, cooler areas.

The Global Warming Crisis is coming!

If we don’t do something about it, here is what we can expect to see in forthcoming years: Sea levels will rise by up to 23 inches, hurricanes and other storms will likely become stronger, and ecosystems will change!

The reason: polluting factories. These human-built factories have a negative effect on the environment through their emissions of greenhouse gases.

We care about global warming and we are deeply concerned about the irreversible consequences of pollution.

So we’ve been thinking: How can an app developer help humanity in its fight against global warning? How can we teach humans to follow our lead and become more responsible?

Our answer is an amazing puzzle game that will take you on a journey that begins at the North Pole. Enter the world of Polar Scouts, who are determined – as we all are – to save their families from global warming. The North Pole isn’t the place it used to be, due to global warming: The ice is cracking, and the seals cannot enjoy their daily activities, because it’s unsafe.

The Committee of Old Seals has decided that the only way we can stop global warming is to shut down those polluting factories, and they have chosen the Polar Scouts team to do that.

Despite being well equipped – bubble machines, jumpers, and springs – they cannot fulfil their mission without your help! They need you – the North Pole is calling for your help!

You will need to help all seals reach their destination within a time limit, while collecting stars. It may sound like an easy job, but everything depends on your skill: Will you take up the challenge? We have tons of surprise elements built into the game, and you will love the graphics, not to mention all those cute seals with their acrobatic performances!

Besides putting their skills to test, Polar Scouts also educates children and the youth about the effects of global warming each time they launch the app. It does that in various ways: First, there is a nice cartoon which starts every time the app is launched. The movie visualizes the irreversible effects of global warming and also identifies the root cause: polluting factories.

Your mission — and our contribution to educating our users — is to eliminate those factories to save the lives of the seals, who’s home environment has become unsafe. Depending on how well you perform at a certain level, you save more and more seals. Isn’t that great?

Do you care about global warming? We do! Help us – and the cute seals – raise awareness of this global issue humanity is facing! For the world to change, we need to ignite the change.

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