2015 is gone. And for us at Inova LLC, we have a lot of reasons to celebrate it.
The year was a significant success. We released a couple of proprietary products into iTunes and a few other apps for our partners into Google Play and iTunes.
Both categories have witnessed a growing number of downloads. We are so happy with our achievements that we’ve decided to share with you.


We released four different products into the app market by the close of the year 2015. All of these are experiencing significant number of downloads by iOS and Android users.

Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker

Bolla is an iOS mobile app used for generating users’ football tournament schedules. Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker supports single and double round robin tournaments. It also supports single and double knock-out/elimination tournaments.
Bolla Round Robin Generator is ideal for Football (Soccer). Both Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker and Bolla Round Robin Generator are linked to social media networks including Twitter and Facebook. This way you can share your tournament score tables with your friends.
Bolla is one of the most successful of our proprietary apps released during the year. This online mobile tool already has 14 thousand downloads and the number continues to rise.

Polar Scout

iPhone users can download the Polar Scout game from iTunes for free. Polar Scout gets you into the world of Polar seals where the scouts fight to save their family from the menace of global warming.
The objective is to defeat global warming and save the earth. The polar seals are equipped with bubble machines, jumpers and springs but need your help to accomplish their mission.

XSmoking – Quit Smoking and become Smoke Free

XSmoking is another masterpiece receiving great feedback from users. This app helps you quit smoking.  And…it’s free!
With XSmoking, you protect not only yourself but your beloveds as well. Cigarettes damage essential organs in the body including the heart and lungs. Smoking also damages your blood vessels.
All you have to do is follow the schedule created by the app. Smoke only when you hear the alarm sound from XSmoking. With its daily motivation quotes and smoke quitting tips, XSmoking is ideal for anyone who wishes to become smoke free.


Feedbooks is an iPad app that allows users to instantly download and read free eBooks from its library, view the latest releases and share the same on twitter or Facebook.
With this social sharing option, Feedbooks allows you to share the same books with friends and enjoy the best user experience.
Our Business Partners’ Apps
Our partnerships throughout the year were greatly productive.
For starters, we worked with the Acer Company on their AcerIPCAM mobile app. We managed to develop and publish an iOS and a corresponding Android version of the app.
Here are the other apps we released for our partners in 2015. They are all available for download at the iTunes and Google Play store.


Happy Unwrappy

Happy unwrappy is free app. We successfully released both the iOS and Android versions of Happy unwrappy for one of our major partners- Jacaranda Apps Pty Limited. Happy unwrappy helps users make the ideal choice of present by sharing gift wish lists through the app.


We released the Android version of Cody in 2015. Not only that, a considerable amount of work went into updating the app’s iOS version. It now supports Chrome cast, Apple TV as well as offline downloads.
Cody is one of the best physical fitness training apps in the market that pools together video-based training by top coaches from around the world.


SlowChatter by MMappSoft Inc. is another major success. It enables teachers to collaborate in virtual learning environments. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone handsets.


Inova LLC developed and published the iOS version of the staRHs app in 2015. It is fast gaining traction among the business community. staRHs app is all you need to enable you visualize 360-degree feedback in real-time.

Session Tracker

This is the work we did for Nerdie Networks LLC. An app for personal trainers. The Session Tracker helps trainers keep an inventory of all clients’ sessions. With the Session Tracker, the trainers can tell when their clients last used the sessions and how many they have left.


carRHds is yet another masterwork available for both iOS and the Android OS. This business app Inova developed for Resourceful Humans helps significantly reduce time wastage in meetings.
We improved the app’s user interface and added more valuable features. Visit the following links to find details about these improvements.


Users will be delighted to know that we also introduced major updates on the uCoach app developed for InsideTrack, Inc. The updated version of uCoach is now available for download on iTunes.


We could never close the year without seeking diverse and fresh insights on the global space. So we made a point to attend two of the year’s most momentous events.
The first is the GITEX Technology Week. This event is a major gateway for global tech brands to access the Middle East. The region is currently ranked the fastest emerging and investment ready market for ICT products.


The other one is the Cairo ICT 2015 event that featured a mix of plenary and parallel sessions. The sessions covered well-defined ICT topics with the aim of bringing onto a different level the industry’s emerging facts and issues. We managed to meet a number of high-level panellists from key organizations around the world.
What an action-packed year!

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