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The most well-known and commonly used instant messaging service in the world, WhatsApp, is always being improved. The messaging platform keeps developing new features and enhancing the user interface to give its users fresh, simple ways to interact and communicate with others. A new feature called Polls and the option to speak with yourself were just added to WhatsApp. Whatsapp has also revealed a number of new features that will be added to the instant messaging service. This article examines the new WhatsApp features that were introduced in 2022. We’ll also look at a few brand-new features that are currently in development that the community has discovered in the wild. Without further ado, let’s begin.


Ability to chat with yourself

This brand-new WhatsApp feature labeled “Message Yourself,” enables users to exchange messages, links, media, and more in a chat that only other users can see. Users previously had to go create a group with someone and then remove it or add their phone number next to the https://wa.me/91 URL, which was a lot of work to recreate such a capability. Since ‘Message Yourself’ is now supported natively by WhatsApp, it might be helpful to make to-do lists, shopping lists, or even send media files that can later be downloaded and read on WhatsApp Web or the desktop app since the chat remains active regardless of where you log in.

WhatsApp polls

Users can build a list of choices to select from in a private or group discussion using WhatsApp Polls. Members can vote in this fashion by selecting one or more options that are connected to the subject or question being asked. When there is disagreement among group members over important issues like which restaurant to visit, the new WhatsApp feature can be useful. Members can determine the preference of the majority based on the poll’s results.


 Quick reactions

Just like Instagramming, WhatsApp now allows reactions to status (stories) and messages using emojis. To react to messages, simply select the emoji option next to them. The story’s reaction on WhatsApp works like this: view the story/ status, select the ‘reply’ button, or swipe from the bottom to summon all the reaction emojis.

 Call links

WhatsApp has implemented “Call connections” to improve the dependability and functionality of calls. A call link, as the name suggests, will generate a link to a voice or video WhatsApp call that may be emailed to anyone, even those who do not have the WhatsApp app loaded. Those who possess the link may join a call at the time and date specified by the linked author. Imagine it as conference connections similar to those in Zoom or Google Meet, where users can join a call by just hitting the link.

Group audio calls – Muting people, adding participant

WhatsApp just added the ability to mute participants in an ongoing voice or video conference. This can be useful if someone else forgets to silence themself and their background noise interferes with the call. The participant who is now muted can unmute themself by touching the “unmute” button.

Additionally, users of the messaging system can now include more people to an existing call. There can now be 32 users in a group discussion on WhatsApp.

Chat filters

On WhatsApp Web or the desktop app, chats can now be filtered on the basis of read and unread. This makes it easy to look at all the unread chats so as to not miss any important messages. To enable chat filters, tap on the filter icon next to the search bar and that’s it, all your unread messages will appear atop. You can disable it using the same steps.

 Delete messages by admin

Whatsapp has launched a new tool that enables managers to delete problematic or pointless messages exchanged in a group in order to maintain decorum. This contains all communications and forms of media, such as stickers, pictures, URLs, and videos, among others. Admins must select the messages in a group chat, hit the “delete” symbol, and then choose the “delete for everyone” option to delete them. Any member of the group will no longer be able to access the message when the admin deletes it.

Up to 512 participants in a group

WhatsApp has increased the maximum limit on the number of members that can be added to a group to 512 participants. This limit was previously restricted to 256 members.

Express Yourself With Avatars on WhatsApp

the new WhatsApp Avatar can be used as a profile photo as well. Users will have an option of choosing from one of the 36 custom stickers based on their avatar’s actions and emotions. Users can send and share these avatars with family and friends once they have created them.

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