First Impressions Matter When it Comes to Your Website

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First Impressions Matter When it Comes to Your Website.

People make snap decisions. Forming a first impression of anyone takes just one-tenth of a second. The same applies to websites.

Users establish an opinion about your website in approximately 0.05 seconds, which affects whether they’ll stay or leave.

This number is based on particular studies. Participants in the first study were asked to score the visual attractiveness of web homepages twice, each time for 500 milliseconds. They shortened the exposure length in subsequent research to 50 ms.

Ratings of visual appeal and correlations between the 50 ms and 500 ms conditions were consistently very high from one phase to the next. Thus, the ability to judge visual appeal within 50 milliseconds means you have roughly 50 milliseconds to create a positive first impression with your website.

This first impression is influenced by various elements, including the layout, colors, spacing, symmetry, text volume, fonts, and others. this article.

Research on websites and first impressions


Google independently verified the 50 ms figure a few years ago. In fact, their research found that some beliefs can form in as little as 17 milliseconds, however, the impact varied depending on the design aspect.

They found that websites with low visual complexity and strong prototypicality—how a design appears to be emblematic of a particular group of websites—were thought to be very appealing.

Tip: Make your website’s design straightforward and recognizable. Observe customs. People have preconceived notions about how an e-commerce website should appear. People are less likely to enjoy your layouts if you choose creative, unusual ones.


First impressions are 94% design related.


British researchers examined how various aspects of website design and informational content affect users’ confidence in health-related websites. The analysis made it very evident that the website’s aesthetics were the primary factor in creating favorable initial impressions.


According to a British study, website criticisms typically focus on how the site seems rather than its actual substance.

94% of the test participants’ input was regarding the design:

  • Complexity, a crowded layout, a lack of navigational aids.
  • Website design; use of color, pop-up advertisements, slow site introductions,
    small print.
  • Excessive text.
  • Poor search capability, and corporate appearance.

Only 6% of the comments were related to the material itself. The website’s visual attractiveness had the largest impact on visitors’ initial perceptions of it.

Meanwhile, a website’s interface was quickly dismissed and mistrusted when it had a bad design. The entire website was rarely browsed past the homepage when participants disliked a particular component of the design.


Key elements of a web page are noticed by eyes after 2.6 seconds.



A user’s eyes rest on the part of a website that most affects their first impression after 2.6 seconds.

As they browsed across websites, researchers watched how the eyes of the students moved. The eye-tracking data were then evaluated to ascertain how long the students spent concentrating on different areas of a website, such as a menu, logo, photos, and social media icons, before moving on to another area.

A positive first impression can increase overall satisfaction.

Participants read either a favorable or unfavorable product review for a brand-new mobile device prior to a usability test in an experiment designed to examine the influence of product expectations on subjective usability scores. Group controls didn’t read anything.

​​ The study demonstrated the unexpectedly significant impact of optimistic expectations on post-experiment subjective evaluations. The device received considerably higher post-experiment evaluations from the participants who read the favorable review than from the negative-prime and no-prime groups.


Visual appeal matters. A lot. As advice: Don’t try to save money on design.
People form their opinion about your site in milliseconds. The first second on your website might matter more than all the seconds that follow (if any do). Make sure that one second makes a great first impression.

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