How could the app help your business growing?

How could the app help your business growing?

The importance of mobile app development for the business is countless. Creating an app without goals is a waste of time, money and effort.

According to AdWeek, 35% of smartphone users check their phone more than 50 times per day.[1]

Statistics in Saudi Arabia showed that the number of Internet Active Users is 22.59 Million User which is 70% of the population. [2]

Number of Active Mobile Internet Users is 21.53 Million User Which is 66% of the total population and 95.3% of the active internet users. [2]

So if you are not developing mobile apps for your business, then you are losing the chance to attract more customers. Before you decide to use an app, you should know how to use it to help your business grow and to generate revenue whether directly or indirectly.

Here are the advantages of using mobile app:

1-Creating your direct marketing channel

One of the biggest benefits of developing your own mobile app is making the information provided to your customers – including special sales and promotions – at their fingertips.

Through push notifications or in-app messaging, you are getting even closer to a direct interaction and can easily remind customers about your products and services whenever needed.

Mobile apps provide general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, and much more. Using this power of information to create database will help your business in marketing and remarketing “retargeting the interested customers”.

Mobile app will help you promote your new products by sending push notifications to your target segments.

Also mobile app helps your business in marketing based on location. You can make offers to people around your store to encourage them open the app and start buying. You can also make GPS coupons and invite the users to check in them at your location to unlock coupons. These rewards make it fun to use your app and surely, they can increase sales.

2- Building brand and recognition

2.1 Branding:

Mobile app is a powerful branding tool as the app icon remains visible on the smartphone screen and reminds the user about your products.

It is like a blank billboard sign which enables you to do whatever you want. You can make it stylish, hip, functional, shocking, or informative. But what you really need to do is developing an app with features that will appeal to your customers and at the same time is well branded and beautifully designed.

2.2 Recognition:

As long as you can get customers involved with your app, they will tend to buy your product and/or service. In advertising this is called “effective frequency” as a rule of thumb, hearing and/or seeing your brand approximately 20 times will get you truly noticed.

3- Improving Customer Engagement

No matter what you are selling, your customers need a way to reach you, mobile apps help in increasing the accessibility and connect your customers with your brand more effectively than any other channel.

Having a messaging feature in your app can really make a difference in the way you communicate with your customers. For example, if you build your entire business model on this principle. Instead of calling a branch for delivery, you can order it with one click on their platform. Now, how many customers do you think would prefer to text you then call you?

Also mobile app helps you digitize your customers’ loyalty. Loyalty can measured based on the analysis of data and activities received from the app.

4- Increasing your sales productivity

Searches in Saudi Arabia about e-commerce activities showed:

  • Searches online for a product or service to buy is 56% of the internet active users.[3]
  • Visited an online retail store is 57%.[3]
  • Purchase a product service online is 39%.[3]
  • Made an online purchase via laptop or computer is 21%.[3]
  • Made an online purchase via mobile Device is 33%.[3]

Searches in Saudi Arabia about e-commerce revenues showed:

  • Number of People purchasing via e-commerce 10.47 million. [4]
  • Number of purchasers VS total population 32%.[4]
  • Total value of national e-commerce Market in 2016 4.9$ Billion. [4]
  • Average annual e-commerce revenue per user in 2016 465$.[4]

Having a mobile app is the best way to acquire new customers because people are addicted to their mobile devices. If your mobile app can satisfy your customers’ needs, then they may refer your app to their family and friends. This will drive more customers to sell your products and finally increase your revenue.

The more visible the application is, the more chances of conversions it provides. It effectively increases the sales productivity, especially through Mobile orders. This is the most obvious way to make sales flourish.

Mobile apps have increased the revenue for almost every business, regardless of their size and industry by driving more customers. Many businesses achieved startling profits thanks to great apps and the implementation of successful marketing strategies.

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