Happy Unwrappy

Happy Unwrappy

Of all the challenges we face in our lifetimes, none can perhaps be so daunting as finding the ideal present for someone you care for.  Happy Unwrappy, from Jacaranda Apps Pty Limited, aims to make life a whole lot easier for you and your loved ones when you are shopping.  It does not matter whether you’re hunting for the perfect birthday gift or a Christmas present that they will never forget – Happy Unwrappy is an app that takes the stress away from present shopping.

The app boasts that it will help users choose the right gift for the right person, every time.  There’s nothing worse than having a drawn out, random conversation that we all have prior to any special occasion – those chats that are always somewhat stilted as we try to determine exactly what the other person might want as a gift without asking them outright.  Happy Unwrappy makes life a lot easier than that; with the ability to share wish lists among friends and colleagues, you can now effectively tell people what you most want for a gift rather than praying and hoping they don’t give you socks or chocolate – again.

The fun part about Happy Unwrappy is that you can also create random wish lists for any sort of event.  That then lowers the chances of you getting that dreaded gift you do not want for your special event; simply by sharing that wish list you can hopefully show your friends, colleagues and loved ones exactly what you want for that special event.

What is truly awesome about Happy Unwrappy is that there is a barcode scanner within the app that allows you to simply scan the item you want to add it to your wish list quickly and easily.  That allows people who are wondering what to get you to see right away what it is you are looking for, if they have subscribed to your wish list.

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