LEAP 2023

LEAP 2023

Our CEO, Eng. Ahmed Badie, had a great time at #LEAP23 event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, one of the largest technical conferences about future #technologies in the Middle East, featuring +700 #expert speakers, +100,000 #tech entrepreneurs, and +900 #exhibitors from different countries around the #world.

Inova has been to a number of similar events, but this one was the best. It was nice to be able to meet many entrepreneurs in the tech industry. It was also a good opportunity to be there and learn more about what’s happening in the future of the business world and technology.

We engaged with many tech stars, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, speakers, and creative minds who have ideas that we will carry in our minds and hearts, to upgrade our knowledge and experiences, and to learn new ways to build value and how to build a scalable product.

We were lucky to attend some of the event’s panels, which introduced amazing and inspiring mentors and guests from all over the world to discuss the limitless potential of technology and build a positive future.

In our CEO Eng. Ahmed Badie’s words, “Nice meeting with the AWS team in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Inova will be an official AWS partner this month.”

In our CEO Eng. Ahmed Badie’s words, “My best partner in KSA. Happy to meet Majed Abdulghani at Redhat.”

We also take advantage of our presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by visiting the company’s branch to meet new clients and sign new agreements and partnerships.

In our CEO Eng. Ahmed Badie’s words, “Awesome meeting with one of our clients at the Inova KSA branch.

We want to thank all the officials as well as all those in charge of this great and huge event. We felt the magic of technology, and you all were great. It was a great event with hundreds of energetic people, and we hope to be able to attend the next one #LEAP24. We are always looking forward to seeing what comes next, and we are leaping to be ready for the #future … Are you?