cocos2d x future game engines

cocos2d x future game engines

We know that the game programming the most challenging field in software programming. That’s because you will need an efficient graphics design team, generate a good prototype and immerse yourself in a very long period for production and testing.

Video games industry grossed almost $20 billion in the United States in 2009. World sales are about equivalent to US sales, so the game industry brought in approximately $40 billion worldwide in 2009. Even during the late economic downturn, the game industry remains healthy financially.

Thanks to smart phones, now we see that all game industry companies like (EA, UbiSoft, Konami, PopCap ,…etc) follow the path of Mobile gaming. We see now a breakthrough in the hardware specification  of smart phones and also their Operating System like iOS and Android.

All game developers use  game engines which are built by their selves or built by another team. Game Engines are very useful because they provide many functionalities like (rendering 2d and 3d, animation, AI, Physics, multiplayer handling, …etc). In IOS a very efficient, free and easy game engine called cocos2d-iphone has released and a lot of developers used it and released games in App store. But the problem was that Cocos2d was for IOS only, so if you need to port your game for Android or another OS you will take a very long time and hard work. Developers dreamed for finding something like cocos2d but to be cross platform. Cocos2d team began to work in this since July 2010 and they already made this dream to be real, they released Cocos2d-X !!!

Cocos2d-x used C++ framework, so you can easily create or port  games onto iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry, Marmalade, WindowsXP/Windows7, Linux, Mac OSX and Windows8 Metro. Giants in mobile game industry such as Zynga, Glu, GREE, DeNA, Konami, TinyCo, Gamevil, HandyGames, Renren Games, 4399, HappyElements, SDO, Kingsoft are using cocos2d-x.

Now we will show you an example of a great game made by great company “Konami”.Most of us played video games in his childhood and I think most of us knows ‘Countra’.


Now Konami has ported this very awesome game onto mobile using on cocos2d-x. The game claimed the #1 spot of top paid chart in 24 hours since its release.


Contra has been only released in AppStore’s China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan region so far. Other regions may come sooner or later, I’m not sure.

You can check also Cocos2d-html5 that uses the new awesome technology of HTML5. You can use it for building games for browsers. So, you can port your game in your website, Chrome-Store or as a social game in Facebook.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your idea and your team and start for releasing your game.

Written byHossam Ghareeb Feb 2013

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