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leadership vs management

This thin line between leadership and management is the reason why some businesses are burned beneath dirt while others fly high by the stars. The difference between a leader and a manager is that the leader should be the one with the eagle eye, the one monitoring what’s happening around the company in the market, […]

cocos2d x future game engines

We know that the game programming the most challenging field in software programming. That’s because you will need an efficient graphics design team, generate a good prototype and immerse yourself in a very long period for production and testing. Video games industry grossed almost $20 billion in the United States in 2009. World sales are […]

successful peoples common factor

Successful people are a very small set of human beings, I will leave it to you to define who is a successful people  – please don’t confuse them with normal people – and I am sure whatever your definition is, you will agree that such set is very small, A lot of researches have been […]

top tips make successful mobile app part 1

Today, millions of people around the world have smart phones/devices like IPhones, I Pads, Android tablets and so on. Thus, Mobile App Development becomes one of the fastest growing areas in software development today. So, before start working in your mobile app, there are some tips you should follow to achieve your goal and compete […]

Are you sitting right ?

Nowadays, everybody spends more time sitting at a computer for social networks, mailing and working specially in software companies. Most of them don’t care if they sitting properly or not. Not sitting properly will harm you and take a toll on your body. Also after long period will end up with back pain, leg pain, […]

tips publishing marketing mobile app

In this article I am going to present some tips for publishing and marketing your mobile app in App Store 1- Create a Landing Page on your website The benefits of creating a landing page for the product on your website before even publishing your app Creating a mailing list, where you can ask the […]

top tips make successful mobile app part 2

I have talked before about the top tips to make a successful app in part 1. Now I want to continue my topic with the last part 1-Don’t Disregard the Development Budget: All designs will have to go through a developer in order to bring those designs to life. Sometimes very simple design changes can […]

tips publishing marketing mobile app part 2

This post is the second and final in the  Tips for publishing and marketing your Mobile App series , Hope you enjoy reading it and fell free to share any of your comments. Social Media You should link your app/game with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and encourage users to share features of the app / game […]

technological trends

I would like first to state the date, I wrote this article, Sep-2013, because it is probably going to be out of date in like 6 months  This essay is going to be divided into 3 main parts, first to describe how technological trends change the relation between organizations and their consumers, second I am […]

Be everyones favorite person

Every one wish to choose his colleagues like choosing his friends, but in work places the matter is different. There are nice co-workers, bad colleagues and good ones, and all kinds of people you can face in your work. I tried to collect how to work with all these kinds and be their favorite person […]