X Smoking – Quit Smoking and become Smoke Free

Stop before it is too late. Everyone can quit. Give yourself a shot with Smoke Alarm

Every Cigarette is doing you damage. Cigarettes are causing damage to every organ like lungs, blood vessels, heart and the list never ends. Cigarettes don’t only affect you but your beloveds as well.

This app will help you quit smoking. You have doubts that it won’t work, give it a shot. You won’t lose anything, Smoke Alarm a FREE App, Free chance.

Smoke Alarm will help you quit smoking by scheduling a new smoking schedule for you. Smoke Alarm will not attack you, just the smoking habit and try to manipulate it.
All you have to do is to follow the schedule created by the app. Only smoke when you hear the sound alarm from the app. Smoke Alarm will provide motivation quotes every day. You can also find smoke quitting tips, medical facts and motivation tips inside the app.

Smoke alarm knows the importance of social support. So Smoke Alarm provide achievements and badges that you can share with your friends. Your friends will know that you are trying to quit and support you as well.

Cigarettes kill 12000 people every day in the US. Don’t become a number in this count.

The app features

  • Create a smoke quits schedule.
  • Remind you every time you need to follow the schedule.
  • Provide motivation quotes and tips for quitting.
  • Provide statistics about what you have achieved so far.
  • You can earn achievements and badges that you can share with you friends.