Feedbooks Free

Would you like to have your own personal librarian with all the books you enjoy whenever you need it? Would you like to have your own private, virtual place for an ultimate reading experience? Stop searching; you’ve come to the right place—Knowing for iPad is your own virtual librarian that helps you create your own private bookshelf that stores all your favorite PDF books downloaded from Feedbooks.



When you launch Knowing, your private librarian takes you to the Feedbooks store, where you can browse books published each month. You’ll be greeted by three categories of books: most popular, original, and new releases, but you can also use the search field to input your query for a certain keyword (author, book title, etc.).


Knowing displays the cover, the title, and the author of each book, but if you are looking to obtain more information about it before downloading, just tap on the cover, and all the information will appear in a pop-up window: cover, author’s name, publishing year, language, a brief summary, and the category of the books. As a good librarian, Knowing’s great feature is to give its users the option to browse for similar books. And the most fun part—all books are FREE to download!


These books will appear under the My Books tab displaying the title, the author’s name, page count, and “Did not read” information. As you open a book, its status changes to “Reading,” and Knowing displays how many pages you read. One of the big features Knowing offers is to pick up the same book where you left it off so you can continue reading.


Knowing excels when it comes to reading: its minimalistic toolbar allows you to focus 100% on the content instead of wasting your time on other things. When you open a book, a set of navigation tools appear on the bottom; you can go through the pages using the slider, one-by-one, or you can directly jump to its end. By tapping the settings button—bottom right—you’ll have the option to: search for similar books you are reading, add to favorites, and share what you read with your Twitter and Facebook friends.
On the right there is a zoom slider so you can zoom in and zoom out, while on the top left is the Home button. You can decide whether you use these tools or gestures: swipe left or right to turn pages, or pinch to zoom in and out.


If you have an iPad and love e-books, Knowing is the must-have app. It’s an excellent e-reader that supports both portrait and landscape mode. You’re going to love Knowing the moment you open the first PDF file. With a huge variety of free books a tap away, you’ll enjoy every second spent feeding your hunger for information. Are you ready to have your own private librarian with millions of free books to read?