Technological trends

I would like first to state the date, I wrote this article, Sep-2013, because it is probably going to be out of date in like 6 months 🙂

This essay is going to be divided into 3 main parts, first to describe how technological trends change the relation between organizations and their consumers, second I am going to describe some of the main technological advances that we expect to see in the near future, and finally I am going to describe a certain technological trend that’s going to have a great impact on the fashion business.

Technological trends are now shaping the relation between every organization and its suppliers, partners and customers. Thanks to technology (Internet and social media) customers are shaping their own products, starting from designing their own cloth which helps fashion companies, reporting news to online news channels and making Ads for their products through competitions by organizations looking for the best Ad idea. That’s why the process of developing new products is now going faster and cheaper than before, now customers are guiding organization to know what satisfy their needs.

Future is happening now while  reading this essay,  it is being developed in the background of your life and it is going to hit you soon, so get ready for some of this new technologies.

  1. Ditch your Desktop PC right now, you still have a chance to get rid of it and get some money in return, else in the near future you will be paying money to throw it in the garbage, this market is vanishing right now and being substituted by tablets and touch devices.
  2. Get ready to get your life “bendy”, soon your mobile, tablet, TV, may be your car is going to be bendable. You might speculate who is going to lead this market whether it is Apple, Samsung, Google or some other company that you haven’t heard about it yet, but it is going to happen soon.
  3. You can run but you can’t hide, meaning you can no longer be anonymous on the internet, even if you are not going to write anything, still your phone, TV, tablet, watch, camera, fridge, car, everything you own will connect to the internet and your data is going to be online whether you like it or not. So there is no private life anymore L.

One of the new technological trends that is going to affect a lot of business sectors is Augmented Reality. The bridge between real world and digital world no longer exists, now the movement of human body, gestures, voice command, even lips movement are all captured, digitized and sent for devices to react according to it, fashion and clothing businesses are going to be majorly affected by such advance in technology. Now customers in clothing stores can try tens of outfits in just a couple of minutes.
Fitting Reality

Not only the clothing industry will be affected by such technology but also the game industry, Microsoft is planning in its next kinect version release to go more beyond user movement and gestures to reading user lips and facial expressions, voice commands, They are even trying to figure out current mood and make him a brain scan. Kinect is not for gaming industry only but it can be used to deliver a live augmented reality presentation, so it is not just you on the TV but a whole digital world is backing you up in your presentation.

Written by: Ahmed Taha, Oct 2013

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Tips for publishing and marketing your Mobile App (Part 2)

This post is the second and final in the  Tips for publishing and marketing your Mobile App series , Hope you enjoy reading it and fell free to share any of your comments.

Social Media

You should link your app/game with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and encourage users to share features of the app / game online with their friends. You can encourage users of the app / game to share it with their friends if you unlock some features for them after sharing. For example in normal apps, you can disable the Ads per session if the user make a sharing through Facebook or Twitter, while in a game you can give them coins, bonus if the use the social media sharing features.

You should also create a Facebook page for your app and try to engage users of the app to like this page. Regularly send some updates on this Facebook page and read (listen) to their comments and try to open discussion between the users of your app on this page.

Public relationship

One of the main points that can get your app from tens of downloads per day to hundreds per day is public relationship; try to get your app covered in some press. If you have some money try to hire a PR agency., Appency and Appular are some of the popular mobile app marketing agencies that you can hire to increase your app visibility and gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the apps on the App store.

Another way to increase your app visibility is to get your app endorsed with a celebrity, someone with a lot of followers/fans/friends. That can definitely increase your app download rate and give it more credit.

QR Codes

Surprised to hear about that in marketing your app? :D, then check out the below image

Well, if you are going to use printed Ads in magazines or banner, make sure to add the app link in the App store as a QR-code in your Ads, that can help user reach to your app easier.

Guest Blogging

Try to get your app reviewed, mentioned, described on some of the famous blogs but try to focus your efforts on this type of blogs

  • Blogs with target audience similar to your app.
  • Mobile app blogs.
  • Technology blogs.

Also make sure to include an offer at the end of the article. For example you can offer a trail version of your app, provide a certain premiere feature of your app for a limited period. Anything that will encourage the reader to download your app is a must, so remember call-to-action words, some like “Download the app now”, “Check App for Free”.

Finally, I know I didn’t cover all the points that can help you market your mobile app in the 2 parts of this series, so I was hoping to know your ideas about marketing your own app, any crazy idea that you once thought about that is not used usually in most apps.

Thanks 😀
Written by: Ahmed Taha, Aug 2013

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Top Tips to make a successful Mobile App (Part 2)

I have talked before about the top tips to make a successful app in part 1. Now I want to continue my topic with the last part

1-Don’t Disregard the Development Budget:

All designs will have to go through a developer in order to bring those designs to life. Sometimes very simple design changes can cause the feature that should take few hours to take few days. Be wary of over-defining functionality in the design. In other words, the design should not dictate the functionality.

2-Start with high resolutions:

You should start designing the application for retina and high resolutions screen first then scale down.

3-Make the hit area big enough:

Users love to move quickly in the Apps so don’t annoy them with tiny buttons to tap. Most users’ index fingers are 1.6 to 2 cm wide so consider this fact and make all hit areas big enough.

4-Avoid adding Intro animations:

Sure you think that using animations when the app starts is very cool and funny but in fact it doesn’t. Users don’t like to wait till you finish your animations so they can access you app. If you have to add one, please make it quick and with seamless transition.

5-Invest in good UI:

Competition in the App Store is absolutely insane; you’re now competing with huge companies and world class teams.
It’s very hard for one-man development to get featured on the iOS App Store these days, but my advice is to reach out and hire the most talented UI designer you can afford.
If you don’t have the funds to hire someone, then Dribbble is a great place to find new and upcoming designers who might be happy to team up with you.

6-Get Media Coverage:

This is pretty tough to do but is absolutely essential for a successful launch. I know all aware of that but many developers leave it to the last minute or plan to do it after releasing their app.

You can try to build some hype to attract bloggers and tech sites talking about your app before it launches. I’d suggest putting up a teaser page that includes a promo video or some screenshots and information about what your app does and when you plan to release it.
You have to provide an email sign-up form and all the usual social buttons on the page to help you build up a following of people interested in the app. At announcement you will reach a lot of people

7-Create website for your app:

Building website for your app will help you in marketing and will bring many potential customers. Also you have to provide Info about how and why to use the app and show your app’s advantages.

8-Design an eye-catching icon:

The first thing the users notice is your icon so, it has to be unique, special and tells everything about your app. Keep away of words, just use images.

9-Rating and Reviews:

What will you do when you are going to buy an app from the store? For sure you will check the reviews and its rating. Rating and reviews are like your app reputation so you have to care about them. Think of ways to how make your users give you 5-star reviews?

10-Use gestures but don’t abuse them:

Gestures will help users to move quickly in app; also most of users like them. But do you think all users know the gestures that you provide? In other words: in the Gmail mobile app, you can swipe the mail to delete it and in the same time you can open menu of the mail and click delete.
I want to say Don’t overly reliant on them.
Another example: many apps use the left menu like Facebook app. Most of them provide swipe to right or left to open or close it. In the same time, there is a button in the top view to open or close it. Therefore people who don’t know or don’t like the gestures can work easily with your app

By these tips, I have finished my topic of “Tips to make a successful app”. These tips are only that I know or I collected them. If do you think there are tips that I don’t mention, please add them in comments in this post to share the experience.
Thanks you

Written by: Hossam Ghareeb Aug 2013

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Tips for publishing and marketing your Mobile App

timeline facebook post6In this article I am going to present some tips for publishing and marketing your mobile app in App Store

1- Create a Landing Page on your website

The benefits of creating a landing page for the product on your website before even publishing your app

  • Creating a mailing list, where you can ask the page visitors for their mail address so you can send them emails when the app is published, and so you can easily create a list of potential clients in the future
  • Can show a demo for your app and the graphics inside and ask page visitors for a feedback and that will get visitors to interact with your website more

2- Social Advertising

Using social media like Facebook can help increase the visibility of your app by directing customers to your app download or landing page and so we help you get more download and also there is a major benefit for using Facebook specially in advertising is that you can specify the segment you want to target exactly form you Ad campaign.

3- Get Your app reviewed

Try to get your app reviewed and offer free promo codes for those who would like to review the app as well, don’t pay for any website to get your app reviewed because sites asking for money to review your app means these website aren’t getting any visitors so don’t waste your money on such website
Also try to get your app mentioned in an article by a site like Mashable or TechCrunch, not only will you app get more downloads but it will get more reviews from other websites as well.

4- Have online leader-board and achievements

Using Game center inside your app can help your app downloads form the buzz created around the app, it will help you get more friend-to-­friend referrals and your leader-board will be listed on the leader-board’s new app list, which can also drive sales.

These are the main points that you should never forget while publishing your app. I will try to add more points in the next article isa

Written by: Ahmed Taha, Jun 2013

Are you sitting right ?

timeline facebook post5-2Nowadays, everybody spends more time sitting at a computer for social networks, mailing and working specially in software companies. Most of them don’t care if they sitting properly or not. Not sitting properly will harm you and take a toll on your body. Also after long period will end up with back pain, leg pain, eye pain, neck pain and tangling in hands or fingers.

Because our health is above wealth I have collected some tips to be considered during sitting at a computer.

  1. Be close to your keyboard and make it in front of you (centered in line with G-H keys) and make sure that your elbows are close to your body and your shoulders are relaxed.
  2. Sit up straight and your back is supported by the chair.
  3. Adjust your chair height so you can feet firmly on the floor.
  4. Adjust the position of the monitor correctly to be centered in front of you and make the top of
    the monitor approximately above your eye level.
  5. Taking breaks in the best way to relieve tension, so take small regular breaks to move around.
    Short breaks every 30 or 40 minutes better that long break after 2 or 3 hours.
  6. Every while try to lean back to your chair and let your arms hang loose. Stretch and curl your
  7. For your eyes, remember the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, stare at an object 20 feet away
    for 20 seconds.

Hope you all consider these tips and in the end please check this small video

Written byHossam Ghareeb Jun 2013

Top Tips to make a successful Mobile App (Part-1)

Today, millions of people around the world have smart phones/devices like IPhones, I Pads, Android tablets and so on. Thus, Mobile App Development becomes one of the fastest growing areas in software development today.
So, before start working in your mobile app, there are some tips you should follow to achieve your goal and compete the existing apps.

timeline facebook post6


To make successful app you have to original. Here I mean the uniqueness of its concept, so you have to convert the idea to a particular app. But most of us will tell me that “Nowadays you can’t get an original Idea, all ideas in the store”. Sure they are right and I will tell him to go to plan B. Plan B is to work in an existing app and analyze it to extract its weakness points and areas that need improvement and work on them. Also add your unique features 😀
2-End users

Before working in your idea, please take some time to think in this app as an end-user not as a developer. Ask yourself a question, Is this app solves a problem? . So your application should solve a problem and your role to define this problem and make sure that your application is solving it, and solving it perfectly.

3-Target audience

You have to define your target audience and make sure that they will not only like it, but adore it. Also make sure that you have added factors to the app that will attract them and grab their attention.

4-Do only one thing, and do it perfectly

It is not necessary to add 2 or more ideas in one application. Doing one idea perfectly and spend 100% effort on it is better 100 times of doing more ideas in same time. I noticed that Facebook applied this concept in its app on Google play or App store. It splits the part of chatting with friends in another app ‘Facebook Messenger’ and made the original app for posting, profile, commenting and so on. Thus, the 2 apps work perfectly and each one has its own functionality.

5-Avoid overloading app with features

Filling your app with features doesn’t mean being a better app. Adding many features will never makes your end users happy but it will confuse them and will make your app very hard to use. End users love simple, fast, easy and responsive apps so take care only with major and required features only.
6-No one will use the app the same way you do

Usability is a must. Your app should be useable to all; you can organize a closed beta version of the application to a group to trusted people. Also you can show a pre-release version of the application to some students and collect their feedbacks.

7-Be Universal

You should plan to make your app available on Google play and on App store. Also it should support all different screen sizes. For example, in app store your application should be available on iPhone, iPad and iPods.

Hope these tips will help you. Thanks and see you in Part 2 soon.

Written byHossam Ghareeb Apr 2013

Successful People’s Common Factor

Successful people are a very small set of human beings, I will leave it to you to define who is a successful people  – please don’t confuse them with normal people – and I am sure whatever your definition is, you will agree that such set is very small, A lot of researches have been done to identify what is the common factor between these people. In this article, I am not going to add another research; I am just going to highlight a certain one that I have recently read.

Some might argue that such common factor is hard working, but naah, that’s not it, you must have seen a lot of people that worked hard and at the end of the day, they are normal people, they are not failures and they are not successful as well. They are just normal, hard working is a requirement but it is not the main idea.

So what is the main idea, I won’t make you wait long, so here it is …….. Are you ready 😀 ,  “Successful People do what failures don’t like to do” that’s it , that’s the whole deal, but please notice that I didn’t say, “Successful people like to do what failures don’t like to do” because they actually don’t like it , they just do it. So what are the things that failures don’t like to do? mmm… it is all the things that we all don’t like to do. It is our nature to escape having a deadline and committing to it, it is our nature to dodge tests, it is our nature to hate to face all life challenges everyday for the rest of our life, we enjoy being lazy, irresponsible, and careless, don’t you??

So why these monkeys “Successful people” do what failures don’t like doing?? What is the engine behind them? What keeps them bashing into walls everyday, trying to change things around them and make a difference? Well, they enjoy that feeling after committing to a deadline, they like the feeling when they get an A in an exam, they love going to bed at the end of the day thinking “I have made a change today”, to get a formal answer, they are influenced by the desire of the result and not by the desire of the methods (just doing it the easy way and get ride of it). Most people usually try to look for an easy ways to get a certain job done and then they make themselves accept the non perfect results because and I quote “it is easier to adjust to the hardships of a poor living than it is to adjust ourselves to the hardships of making a better one“.

Many people like to think that having a family and children will motivate them to have a better life but it doesn’t work like that, because such motive will probably make them work more but still they didn’t change from inside, they still don’t enjoy that feeling after committing successfully to a deadline, they would rather deliver a low quality work with less effort than to work harder to deliver a higher quality work.

You must have an inner motive pushing you forward, pushing you only for having a better live and being successful, and not just someone or some commitment that you are obligated to. So what should I do now? :), Well, You need to rethink your habits, what you do always / everyday? Evaluate it; is it a habit that will result in a better person after a couple of years? I should have talked more about changing your habits but I guess I will end it right here, I may talk about it in my next article…..

Finally I would like to end my article with this video

Written by: Ahmed Taha, April 2013

Cocos2d-X The Future of Game Engines

We know that the game programming the most challenging field in software programming. That’s because you will need an efficient graphics design team, generate a good prototype and immerse yourself in a very long period for production and testing.

Video games industry grossed almost $20 billion in the United States in 2009. World sales are about equivalent to US sales, so the game industry brought in approximately $40 billion worldwide in 2009. Even during the late economic downturn, the game industry remains healthy financially.

Thanks to smart phones, now we see that all game industry companies like (EA, UbiSoft, Konami, PopCap ,…etc) follow the path of Mobile gaming. We see now a breakthrough in the hardware specification  of smart phones and also their Operating System like iOS and Android.

All game developers use  game engines which are built by their selves or built by another team. Game Engines are very useful because they provide many functionalities like (rendering 2d and 3d, animation, AI, Physics, multiplayer handling, …etc). In IOS a very efficient, free and easy game engine called cocos2d-iphone has released and a lot of developers used it and released games in App store. But the problem was that Cocos2d was for IOS only, so if you need to port your game for Android or another OS you will take a very long time and hard work. Developers dreamed for finding something like cocos2d but to be cross platform. Cocos2d team began to work in this since July 2010 and they already made this dream to be real, they released Cocos2d-X !!!

Cocos2d-x used C++ framework, so you can easily create or port  games onto iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry, Marmalade, WindowsXP/Windows7, Linux, Mac OSX and Windows8 Metro. Giants in mobile game industry such as Zynga, Glu, GREE, DeNA, Konami, TinyCo, Gamevil, HandyGames, Renren Games, 4399, HappyElements, SDO, Kingsoft are using cocos2d-x.

Now we will show you an example of a great game made by great company “Konami”.Most of us played video games in his childhood and I think most of us knows ‘Countra’.


Now Konami has ported this very awesome game onto mobile using on cocos2d-x. The game claimed the #1 spot of top paid chart in 24 hours since its release.


Contra has been only released in AppStore’s China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan region so far. Other regions may come sooner or later, I’m not sure.

You can check also Cocos2d-html5 that uses the new awesome technology of HTML5. You can use it for building games for browsers. So, you can port your game in your website, Chrome-Store or as a social game in Facebook.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your idea and your team and start for releasing your game.

Written by: Hossam Ghareeb Feb 2013

Leadership vs Management


This thin line between leadership and management is the reason why some businesses are burned beneath dirt while others fly high by the stars. The difference between a leader and a manager is that the leader should be the one with the eagle eye, the one monitoring what’s happening around the company in the market, the one saying whether the company is moving in the right direction or not. He should be giving directions to managers to move in a certain direction and that’s it, really that’s it. On the other hand, managers should be the one making sure the company is making progress in that direction, that company resources are being used efficiently while the employee are the ones executing the plan itself. To help you understand the difference between these roles, let me give you an example. Lets say the business is a ship sailing from one city to another, the leader of this ship should be the one with the map and the compass, worrying about the wind and weather (market around the business) and giving directions to the mangers to turn the ship a bit towards east, west and so on. Managers on the other hand should make sure the food supply (company resources) are enough and sailors are doing their jobs (sailing) in efficient way (not lazy on the ship deck).

No lets imagine that this ship has no leader, there are some managers, one responsible for monitoring the sailors, while another is responsible for the health of the crew, and so on. If you started asking any of these managers about the progress of the ship he typically will reply that he is doing his job and if everyone is doing his job in the same manner, the ship will arrive to the right destination or in common language “hell, Yeah we are making progress” usually accompanied by a big smile on his face, the problem here is that they might have lost their track and no one noticed it, it might be that they are on the right planned track but they are heading towards a storm… Unfortunately no one have time to check about that and you can’t blame them, cause every manager is trying to focus on his job. He is always busy with what’s going inside the ship to know what’s happening around it.

“mmm, So lets choose a leader”….. I will not say that choosing a leader is an easy task but the problem is that there is a gravity force that always tend to convert a leader into manager, that gravity force might be that this chosen one is not a leader in the first place, might be that managers don’t appreciate his job as a leader and they see him wandering around doing nothing and so “why he gets to be the leader, why him and not me?”, might be (this is the most common force) that managers want someone to help them with their tasks and they roll their eyes around to find someone, “got you :)”, “please can you take care of that small thingy ?”, one task after another and here we go, one another leader lost.

Some might consider Leading is a simple task, “sure I can do that, who can’t??”. They problem with the leader role is not in regular times, it is in the hard times when things starts going wrong, when the business is not doing right, when the ship starts to sink down. He is the only one responsible for the whole business, the whole ship trip with the lives of its crew; he is the only one to be blamed. And when the business start losing, when the ship hits a storm and the ship can’t make it and it is going down, he is the lucky one that, according to honor code, must be the last one to abandon ship, must be the one that takes the biggggest loss…..”mmm, So lets choose a leader”.

Written by: Ahmed Taha, Feb 2013